GIMP Tutorial – Bidirectional illusion face | Photoshop Alternative | #104

GIMP Tutorial #104

Hi Everyone, This is Daniel from f&D, In this video I’m gonna show you How to create Bidirectional Illusion Face Effect in GIMP

GIMP is the Perfect Alternative for Photoshop. Hence you can try this same method in Photoshop as well

Needed: 1. Straight looking Photo 2. Side looking Photo

1. Open GIMP and drag and drop your Straight looking image
2. Remove Background
3. Add Side looking Image
4. Also Remove the Subject instead of background
5. Adjust the Side looking image infront of the Straight looking image to get the illusion effect
6. Grab Fuzzy Select Tool and Select the Transparent area of the Side looking Image
7. Add Layer Mask with Selection to the Straight looking Image
8. Add a Background

That’s it.. This is way you can create the Bidirectional Illusion Face Effect.
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