FLIR ResearchIR Tutorial – Complete Guide to ResearchIR Software

Connecting to the camera: 00:23
Setting color palette: 00:52
Image histogram: 01:31
Regions of interest tool: 02:09
Statistics viewer: 02:43
Plotting statistics: 03:16
Adding multiple regions of interest: 04:18
Recording streaming video: 05:14
Exporting files: 07:54

FLIR ResearchIR is a powerful software suite which comes included with FLIR scientific thermal cameras. This software gives you much greater analysis capabilities than you would get by using your camera alone. In this video, Joel Wells, a science segment engineer with FLIR, goes through the important features of ResearchIR and demonstrates how to set up and use each feature.

One of the most important features of the software is the ability to stream video from a FLIR camera and record the radiometric temperature data to your PC. While streaming, you can adjust color palettes, view an image histogram, and create multiple regions of interest (area boxes) and plot their statistics graphically. Once you have recorded some data, you can then export it in numerous different formats including radiometric jpeg, standard (non-radiometric) jpeg, video files, CSV files, and numerous other image formats.

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