Simple Tips – How to Make Wise Choices – Tutorial

To be happy, content, and having meaning in life you need to make wise choices, not excuses. Lewis Harrison, from offers a simple explanation on how to apply this idea daily. Lewis says “I offer blogs, books, videos, and customized personal coaching programs that explore practical philosophy, mindfulness, meditation, Zen, Taoism, Eastern Spirituality, personal development, and human potential.” This philosophy addresses a wide range of subjects related to the application of creativity, innovation intuition, critical thinking, and synergy to solve problems and make efficient, effective, precise, productive, and self-aware decisions. “The majority of the problems and decisions concerned with in my videos are related to personal growth, human potential, and life the quest for happiness in a complex, and often chaotic world.” To financially support my work please donate at Just go to the upper right-hand corner of the home page and make your donation to the not-for-profit International Association of Healing professionals.

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