How To Create The Pixel Stretch Effect + Photoshop Action!

Get The Pixel Stretch Action Pack HERE:

Whats included:
– 6 unique pixel stretch Photoshop action
– 5 practice images perfect for getting started on this effect
– The SAME photoshop project (.psd) used in this tutorial, to help offer a closer look at the steps and workflow I used in this video.
Learn How To Create The Pixel Stretch WITHOUT a PS Action:
Download The Images and Follow Along:
In this Photoshop tutorial I break down everything you need to know to begin creating incredible pixel stretch effects. Whether you want to do it all manually or get access to an amazing Photoshop action, the choice is yours! This tutorial extensively uses the photoshop Action pack, but I also wrote a blog post for those of you wanting to create this effect manually! Link’s for all that good stuff is above this caption. As always, let me know if you have any questions about this tutorial or Photoshop Action Pack!
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