Roland SE-02 Tutorial with Andy Pimblott pt 2 Programming the Sequencer

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Rolands Andy Pimblott takes us through some tips and tricks on the Roland SE-02 so that you can really get the most out of your synth!

The Roland SE-02 Analogue Synthesizer is a powerful synthesizer module, developed in collaboration with Studio Electronics.

The SE-02 Analog Synthesizer includes a totally analog synth engine with three voltage-controlled oscillators, as well as a low-pass filter and a dual gain-stage amplifier. The oscillators on the Roland SE-02 include six varied waveforms with warm and complex tonal characteristics.

It also boasts over 384 preset sounds ranging from classic sounds, to modern, cutting-edge tones. The SE-2 Analogue Synth also includes a 16-step sequencer which can be synced via MIDI, USB or trigger inputs. It also includes standard MIDI jacks for connecting any MIDI keyboard controller.

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