Which is the Best Cooking Oil in Indian Market?

The Best Oil for cooking in the Indian market. Which oil should you use for sauteing and deep frying.

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Oils have been regarded very highly in Ayurveda because of the numerous benefits they offer. Cooking oil is something we Indians use daily. So, it is most important to use the right oil. However, if you are not using the right oil for cooking they can become the reason for gain in weight, heart blockage, diabetes and even cancer. If you would ask me what is that one thing which are take our health to the next level without any effort. I will say, just change the oil you cook your food in.

0:47 – The truth about Refined Oils. Almost 95% of oils be it Sunflower oil, safflower oil, groundnut oil, soyabean oil, rice bran oil found in the Indian market are refined oils.

0:158 – The truth about Olive oil. Is it really healthy? Why do you see olive oil on the shelfs of Indian supermarket these days? Should we use Olive oil?

02:44 – Which is the best oil for cooking in the Indian market? Check this out.

03:29 – Is coconut oil healthy? Should we use coconut oil for healthy living. Isn’t coconut oil high in saturated fats?

03:51 – Is mustard oil healthy? Mustard oil has 47% Erucic Acid. Why mustard oil has been banned in ,many countries for edible use? What is the truth about Mustard oil? Should we use it.

04:38 – How traditionally in India we used cooking oils in India? This is very important.

05:15 – What about Ghee? How healthy it is for Indian cooking? isn’t Ghee fattening? Doesn’t ghee increase our cholesterol.

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