How to Photograph Birds in Flight (Canon 1DX Mark i)

How to Photograph Birds in Flight: A bird photography tutorial as I go through all the techniques I use to capture birds in flight. Suitable for most levels including beginners. You can also watch my follow on video for more advanced bird photographers which includes Canon AF Case Settings: .

Topics in this video:

0:16 Lens Choice
2:16 Camera Settings (Shutter speed/Aperture)
3:08 Autofocus Mode
4:06 Continuous Shooting / Frame Rate
4:51 Focus Area / Focus Points
5:40 Exposure Modes

I forgot to include the bit about Image Stabilization: IS or VR essentially reduces camera shake when hand-holding. It will have no effect on reducing subject movement – this is down to your shutter speed. As most of the time when shooting birds in flight you are using a shutter speed of around 1/1000 second, the image stabilization is not really necessary to reduce camera shake. However, it does stabilize the viewfinder so in that respect it can be helpful in keeping the bird in frame. I rarely use IS for flight photography.
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Filmed in Yorkshire with Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX500. Camera used: Canon 1DX Mark i. Lenses: Canon 400mm f5.6; Canon 500mm f4 IS Mark i. Induro CT404 tripod with Gimbal head.

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