Flash Photography Tips: How to Use Your Speedlight Flash!

Flash Photography Tips: How to Use Your Speedlight Flash!

Getting started with flash photography & using your speedlight on camera to get amazing results!

Does the word “flash” fill you with dread and terror? Many photographers, especially amateurs and those loyal to natural lighting, typically steer clear from flash photography of any sort due to its perceived complexities. However, once you start to learn the basics of controlling your electronic flash, you’ll quickly find that on-camera flash photography with your speedlight is an intuitive and simple way to expand on your skills and take them to the next level.

Using a speedlight flash is absolutely necessary in many situations. This tutorial shows you some QUICK & EASY FLASH TIPS on how to use your speedlight flash so that you can quickly and easily start to get great results. Also learn when to use TTL vs Manual mode on your speedlight!

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