T3 Framework B3 Blank Template – ThemeMagic

Joomla template framework – T3 Framework has recently released the latest version 2.x with the new T3 B3 (Bootstrap 3) Blank template.

This video will show you how you can work with ThemeMagic in T3 B3 Blank Template.

More information can be found @ http://t3-framework.org
What’s new on the T3 Framework version 2.x? http://t3-framework.org/whats-new.html
T3 Framework documentation @ http://t3-framework.org/documentation.html
T3 Framework video series @ http://t3-framework.org/video-series.html
T3 Framework discussion @ http://t3-framework.org/discussions.html
Download T3 Framework @ http://t3-framework.org/downloads.html

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