Advice to teach your new puppy proper leash walking skills. Thanks for subscribing – http://tinyurl.com/mql8has

Stop Leash Pulling (For dogs 4 months and older) http://youtu.be/OniRXfI2ZZE

Sorry, ‘Equipment’ and ‘best way to teach’ videos not complete. are you waiting for them? tell me in the comments

Other videos/tutorials by Malibu Dog Training – http://tinyurl.com/lbnephl

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FYI – I’ve been training animals for over 33 years. trained police dogs in the military, trained animal actors for television, trainer to the stars in Malibu, I’ve gone through all the training techniques and have tested them “for you” to see what works best. ALSO I’ve been making video tutorials for over 27 years! but only my clients got to see them. They helped remind my clients of the things we went over during our lessons. Well, I’ve decided to make them public, slowly releasing them so please have patience. If you guys like them, click the like button, then I’ll make more.

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