Habbo Wired Ping Pong Tutorial

► Habbo Wired Ping Pong Tutorial
► Location http://www.peacehotel.my/
► on YouTube: MierolMierol & Adha
► Add me Adha
► Record with http://www.solveigmm.com/en/products/hypercam/
► Subcribe & Like! Request me tutorial
► Go to Arrow Tile to shot the ball
► Don’t get hit by enemy if you on arrow tile
p/s if you hav problem with 2 player in one track, Add this wired :
Condition: Has User On select roller
Effect: Match Furni Select f(x)blocker far away from last tile
Trigger: Repeat Effect select 0.5s
Wired per roller .
Fixed Bugs?
► If players reload room while playing, p(n) element worked to open the doors
► No more than 2 players on the game
► Players can’t d/c on the ball
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