Teaching Portfolio Video Tutorial (for student teachers at USU – TEAL)

At Utah State University, the capstone project for all teacher education students is the professional portfolio. In the School of Teacher Education and Leadership, students are required to create their portfolio using Instructure Canvas.

USU’s Center for Innovative Design and Instruction (CIDI) created this video as an instructional tool to help student teachers in the process of customizing their portfolio. See the chapter settings below to skip to specific segments of the video.

*Part I (0:00): Describes customizing the portfolio
-Customize Home Page (0:26)
-Outcome Pages (1:15)

*Part II (1:43): Details how to use the available features in Canvas
-Edit a Page (1:52)
-Insert a Table (2:31)
-Record/Upload Media (3:07)
-Link/Insert Content (3:42)
-Page History (4:36)
-Help/Canvas Guides (4:53)

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