Angularjs Tutorial for Beginners – learn Angular.js using UI-Router

Working Angularjs Code Sample on Plunkr:
This tutorial will teach you how to build a single page javascript application using Angular.js from Google. Angular is an amazing framework for rapid development and building stable apps with little effort.

I’m using UI-Router ( for this example, as I really like the way that functions over angular’s built-in router.

Once you get used to “the angular way”, you’ll be building an angular.js application in no time.

Angular’s templating, two-way data binding, and great way of separating concerns makes it an all-around great javascript framework.

Next up: Learn Angular Directives!

NOTE: At 30:15, there’s an error because I forgot to change the Home Controller to match the new service syntax on line 5:
Friends.get().then(function(data) {
$scope.friends = data;

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