Lenses: What to Buy Next? – Photography & Video Tutorial

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From Jay P Morgan,

Hi, this is Jay P Morgan and today on The Slanted Lens we are going to take a look at lenses. What’s the next lens you should buy after the kit lens that came with your camera? We will discuss what different focal lengths do, zoom lenses vs fixed focal length, image stabilization, and then explain our simple lighting set up. Primes will give you sharpness and more light, zooms will give you more convenience so you can move fast. Your kit lens has a varying aperture so as you zoom in you will have to adjust it. It’s a sign of an inexpensive lens. It’s very inconvenient and another reason why I strongly suggest to get a different lens for you camera. For those who are more advanced the lens you will want to purchase will depend on the specific work that you do and if it fulfills the need in this department and pays off. Let’s start by taking a look at what different lenses do. Keep those cameras rolling and keep on clickn’.


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