Furby Boom Tutorial: 3 year old girl teach how to go washroom for Furby — you can try too

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I will show you how to play with your Furby just like how I played with my Furby!!!
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I know you must be the furby fun, my furby’s name is Bibay and we are very close friend. Yeah! Please be quiet my Bibay is hatching, I will show you soon…..
This year Furby Boom would be the most popular toy on the market!!!
You can download Furby Boom app, available on Android and Apple. The personality will change upon how you play with it and this year there are much more functions and personality consistency. Hopefully you enjoy the video and give a thumb up and subscribe and I hope my Bibay would be your Furby’s good friend later, I will share my Furby with you more and more….please Subscribe!!!!!!!!

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