ELISA Tutorial 5: Preparing ELISA Data in Excel for Analysis with GraphPad Prism

Here, we demonstrate the first steps of data analysis for some typical ELISA data. The procedure shown is as follows: 1) Compare the arrangement of our samples on the 96-well plate with the absorbance measurements obtained from the plate reader. 2) Subtract out the blank measurements from all the entire plate. 3) Arrange the absorbance measurements of the standards next to their corresponding known concentrations. 4) Place the absorbance measurements of the samples below the absorbance measurements of the standards.

In the next video of this series, we will demonstrate how to interpolate the concentration of our samples using software called GraphPad Prism. Click here for a free 30-day trial of GraphPad Prism – http://protocol-place.com/Prism

This video and other protocols can be found at our website, the “Protocol Place” – http://protocol-place.com/

A full ELISA protocol can be found at http://protocol-place.com/assays/sandwich-elisa-protocol/

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