Premiere Pro Color Correction and Color Grading Tutorial | Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro Color Correction and Color Grading Tutorial
In this Premiere Pro CC Tutorial I will be showing you Basic Color Correction & Color Grading and how to create a film look. We will be using the Three Way Color Corrector, Adjustment Layers, RGB Curves and Lumetri Curves.

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These features are not limited to Adobe Premiere Pro CC you can do this in Adobe Premiere CS6 and some older versions as well.

These are the tools you need in Adobe Premiere pro if you want to create film look for your video content.


Color Grading in Premiere Pro often relies on tools like the 3 Way Color Corrector, Fast Color Corrector, RGB Curves and also Adjustment Layers.

The Three Way Color Corrector allows us to do our primary overall Color Correction and adjust our tonal values as well. We can also adjust the saturation of our footage using this tool.

The RGB Curves will allow us to further balance our the color of our image or apply an artistic look to our footage known as Color Grading

Finally Lumetri Curves will allow us to control the overall light/darkness values of our footage without effecting the overall color as much as the other 2 tools.

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