How to – Movie Poster Template for Photoshop Tutorial by Scarab13

Download this one and much more layered templates HERE:×11-poster-with-three-scenario-type-sets/231921?REF=SCARAB13

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SCARAB13 has a freebie section of it’s exclusive content. Get Photoshop Actions, Posters, Photo Effects, Fonts, Painting Generators, UI, and more creative content. Stop paying a fortune for items on different websites, just to learn that those files are usually messy and hard to use. SCARAB13’s items are all nicely organized, optimized with easy-to-follow instructions. Almost NO Photoshop Knowledge is needed to be able to tweak our designs like a pro.

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Our posters, covers and designs were used for many commercial high-budget and indie films, TV shows and bestselling books. Countless bands are using our CD & DVD covers, backstage pass designs, flyers. Even our FREE downloads were heavily used in commercial purposes, since we don’t have a separate, “commercial” licenses for usage and will never go after you for using our files. Those goodies are our gift to you.

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Contrary many common practices by similar “design resource websites”, we DON’T just re-pack and re-upload other people’s items. That would be unethical, and you’d get the same templates all over again just for the sake of visiting our site. SCARAB13 is MAKING all our templates, files and goodies. We are PROUD of being so creative to give you fresh content all the time, over and over again. There are people who re-post OUR stuff and that’s ok. As we said, we don’t judge anyone’s desperate attempts to engage visitors by giving away our freebie files. However, we WILL go after websites / authors who bluntly rip-off our commercial designs, as we already have. We spend too much time working on beautiful designs and items and we don’t allow theft.

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