Zebra 2.5 – Cinematic Soundscapes by Sound Designer Jorgalad – How To Tutorial

Designing cinematic soundscapes with Zebra is one of the most enjoyable sound design experiences currently available to us, and this video tutorial shares just how intuitive the process can be.

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With the recent release of the popular Cinematic Presets for Zebra collection from Jorgalad, we are also happy to share this special behind-the-scenes look at how one of the patches in this pack was made. It’s not very often we have a chance like this to see the programming of professional cinematic soundscapes with Zebra, and with the added bonus of running commentary from the sound designer himself. This particular sound, called So Dark, is a very complex and deep sounding patch, but as you can see in the video, Zebra makes the process quite easy to understand with it’s intuitive workflow. If you are new to working with this synth, you may be a bit overwhelmed at first. But one of the nicest things about Zebra is that you are always in control of what is being shown on your screen. This helps you stay focused, avoiding distraction and confusion as your presets become larger and more involved.

These sounds are deep and flexible, which means that you can use them as they are, or begin tweaking the expertly programmed XY Pads to extend the functionality of each patch without having to know any programming in regards to cinematic soundscapes with Zebra. You can also easily use these presets as starting points for your very own sounds or even as learning tools to get to know this incredibly powerful synth. There really is no limit to what you can do with a collection of sounds like this one for Zebra 2.5.

Getting to know the various tools available to you in Zebra 2.5 is the key to unlocking the sounds you want to make! This video does a good job of explaining how each modulator, effect and filter is assigned and what it is doing. Making cinematic soundscapes with Zebra is a labor of love, as it does take some time to dial in everything to maximize the potential of a patch. But once it’s done, you have a piece of art you can play! The Cinematic Presets for Zebra collection from Jorgalad is definitely worth check out.


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