SQL Basics – Lesson 1 – Introduction

This tutorial covers some basics of SQL queries and is meant for beginners.

Links to all SQL Lessons:

SQL Lesson 8 – Subqueries https://youtu.be/7DxuPcx-mRI

SQL Lesson 7 – JOIN (Full, Self, Cross, Union) https://youtu.be/5QR9PcTseBI

SQL Lesson 6 – JOIN (INNER, LEFT, RIGHT) https://youtu.be/_NrRRzCjFGE

SQL Lesson 5 – Constraints (Default, Primary Key, Foreign Key …) https://youtu.be/BtmHISzqYjQ

SQL Lesson 4 – GROUP BY, HAVING, String Functions https://youtu.be/zClzY2fE2fA

SQL Lesson 3 – Aggregate Functions SUM, AVG etc. https://youtu.be/w1F0UgsYfis

SQL Lesson 2 – Logical, Conditional and Arithmetic Operators https://youtu.be/OpRO1atoe84

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