Geog 2750 M11 Activity: Green Revolution Farming Game Tutorial

This is a tutorial video for Geography 2750 World Regional Geography at the Ohio State University with Jessica Barnes. The video introduces students to the Green Revolution Farming Game, which is their activity for Module 11 South Asia.

Anyone can play the game at:

Here’s a description of the game and its purpose from their site:
The GeoGame project now has a two-year NSF grant from the Cyberlearning program to develop and study learning with geography-based games! Using a design-based research approach, we will develop a new Esri-based technology platform into an online map game learning tool and look at how learning happens within a GeoGame such as the ‘Green Revolution’ scenario.

The main goal will be to better understand the opportunities and obstacles presented by GeoGames for learning with role-play games/simulations. Under this portal we will look at some more specific questions about how people learn with integrated online GIS and gaming technology, such as:

What is a GeoGame? – key components and functionality that can help and guide others to develop similar technology
What does a GeoGame provide in terms of authentic experiences, student engagement, and higher-order thinking?
How does specific GeoGame affordances (access to rich geographic information, particular game mechanics, collaboration opportunities, etc) help/hinder learning?

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