Minecraft: Tutorial | Simple Infinite Iron Golem Farm


UPDATE: Villager breeding has been changed in 1.8. Villagers no longer automatically breed – meaning that dropping just two villagers into this design WILL NOT WORK. You’ll need to manually move TEN into the design.

This is a huge upgrade from our first iron golem farm. Features better rates, extreme simplicity (can you count to 10? Then you can build this!), and an included harvester and filter. Don’t forget to drop a like or favorite when you build this on your server and become the richest man on the server!!

Step One: Base Platform & Walls @ 0:57
Step Two: Proper Door Placement @ 2:42
Step Three: Second Platform @ 3:12
Step Four: Water & Villagers @ 4:17
Step Five: Kill Collection Filter @ 5:42

Iron Golem Wiki: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Iron_Golem
Iron/Poppy Filter Tutorial: http://bit.ly/19Ua9li
This farm produces roughly 8-10 golems/hr or 38 iron per hour.

Solid blocks, glass, doors, water, villagers, hoppers, redstone torches, redstone dust, signs, chests, comparators, & repeaters.

1. Golems spawning outside? Check glass placement and nearby block placement. Needs to be elevated at least one block off the ground.
2a. Filter not working? Double and triple check hopper orientation.
2b. It takes 6 iron/poppy before the filter starts working.
2c. Just watch the filter tutorial. http://bit.ly/19Ua9li
3. Villager breeding can be difficult. They enter “breed-mode” randomly, and villagers may do this out of sync of each other, resulting in LOOONG breed times. This is normal.
4. 10 Villagers are required to spawn golems. Nothing will happen until you hit this number.
5. No, this is not layer-stackable. Adding more layers does nothing. But you can build a second farm at least 80 blocks DIRECTLY overhead to increase spawn rates.
6. This design supports 14 villagers – anything over 20 will break the design. This farm will take care of itself, no need to monitor villager counts after golems start spawning.
7. Golem spawning happens randomly. Averaged, its ~7.5minutes, but it can take far longer. If you’re looking to test rates, I recommend testing it overnight as an hour long test will yield very unreliable results. (as with ALL golem farms)
8. Simplistically put, all glass is REQUIRED.
9. As earlier stated, this farm only supports 14 villagers. If you’ve somehow bred over 14, you’ve done something wrong. Likely there are some wooden doors nearby messing everything up.
If you’re still having problems, ask below and hopefully another TUTor will help you!

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