L-SIT WALK TUTORIAL: Gymnastic Skill

L-Sit Walk tutorial to learn this gymnastic skill. When you can do the L-sit and V-sit you could learn the L-sit walk, which is more advanced. It does not require a lot of flexibility, but does require strength and balance.

YouTube Music Library: Strange Ways

L-Sit tutorial:

V-Sit tutorial:

How to use the exercises in this video?

Try to implement these exercises in your current workout plan. There is no need to drastically change your routine.
Try to do as many repetitions as possible. The exceptions are the triceps and leg exercises. For those you should try to use the highest possible intensity (so heavy weights or a high intensity) for 6 to 12 repetitions for maximal strength gains!

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***Disclaimer: Consult a physician or other medical specialist before starting a (new) workout regime. You are responsible for your own health. I am not responsible for any kind of injury or problems you might get that are the result of following my advice.***

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