RShiny Tutorial: Turning Big Data into Business Applications #BosADV Meetup 2

Talk Synopsis:
This talk will provide a high-level overview of R Shiny and we will construct an interactive web application from scratch – no javascript coding required! We will discuss how to host an R Shiny app on AWS, how to access various databases from the app such as Postgres and Amazon Redshift, and how to create interactive d3.js-based charts. Finally, we’ll showcase several example apps from both personal and work-related big data projects.

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About the speaker:
Josh Walker: is the COO of Comlinkdata where he helps translate big market data feeds into business solutions for the telecommunications industry. Josh launches and operates businesses. As a VP of Research at Forrester, he built a new line of business to help Fortune 1000 CIOs make technology decisions. He founded a social media company called CityVoter that grew to millions of registered users without the use of any marketing, and he developed a database of startups to help brands identify emerging technology trends. He lives in Cambridge and remains tightly connected to Boston’s startup community.

Tanya Cashorali: is the Director of Analytics at Comlinkdata, where she is responsible for optimizing the way their supplemental and proprietary data is collected, analyzed and visualized. Prior to Comlinkdata she was with Dataspora, a big data consultancy, where she led business development and project management activities across data-rich verticals such as banking, telecommunications and healthcare. Tanya held various bioinformatics and data scientist roles at the Harvard-MIT Children’s Hospital Informatics Program, Harvard Partners Center for Genetics and Genomics, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. She runs a sports data visualization blog,, as well as, and is a diehard Boston sports fan.
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