Jason Stempel PPC Marketing Tutorial – Bidding Strategy For Ad Position

Learn to use a flexible bidding strategy in combination with automated bidding rules to ensure ad visibility in the positions you want during high volume hours of the day. Wisely use Google’s fair auction process rather than agreeing to pay Google’s recommended bid so that you can keep cost per click at the lowest amount required to secure the best position for your clients ads over the competition.


0) Introduction 0:01
1) Creating an hour of day ad position report in Google Ad Words 1:55
2) Analyze the data in Excel using a pivot table & conditional formatting 3:03
3) Creating a flexible bid strategy in Google Ad Words 9:21
5) Creating the first automated bid rule in Google Ad Words 17:44
6) Creating the second automated bid rule in Google Ad Words 20:50
7) Conclusion 23:10

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