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In this tutorial, I explain how to do email marketing right from the beginning of how you should build your mailing list to what services to use when sending out your email marketing campaign, to how to write the actual email. I also go over email marketing strategies, tips and give various ideas for how to your email marketing campaigns the right way.

To First, let’s go over the strategy for how you can build your email marketing contacts list. You have to add a call to action somewhere on your site or within your product so that people who want to keep in touch with your business can sign up for email updates. One email marketing tip is that you should not buy random email marketing lists because they are usually not well targeted and most of the people on those lists will just think you are spam. You can take that risk only if the email list is very cheap.

Another email marketing tips is that when you are actually sending your emails, do not send it from your personal email account or a script that you wrote, but rather use an email marketing service like MailChimp, ConstantContact or iContact.

When writing the content of the actual email, focus on the subject line. A good subject line can be the difference between people opening or deleting your email marketing messages. And in the body of your email marketing message, keep things engaging and interesting. And add a call to action in the email body for people to do something.

Additionally, make sure that your email marketing strategy is aligned with your business goals.

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