UniversityNow: Production and Operations Management Course Cover

Whether it is building the latest fighter jet airplane, selling the best hamburgers in town, manufacturing quality mp3 players, or providing the most nurturing daycare services, every business thrives on its ability to perform daily operations in an effective and efficient way. Production and Operations Management describes the many aspects of taking a great idea and delivering the result to customers in a consistent and timely fashion and at a price the customers are willing to pay.
If we accept the fact that every company has some form of operations, we are still left with the question of how this course will apply to your career. Well, what makes it possible for a football team to become Super Bowl Champions, or a band to record a song that sells a million copies? How will your company make enough profit to enable you to get a raise (and a nice bonus)? More immediately, how are you going to plan, then complete the specific steps that will be necessary for you to get an A in this course?
The study of Production and Operations Management is the study of how businesses create a plan of action, execute that plan, and review the results to help improve their plans and performance. These are the steps that helped Japanese automakers move from the cheap and inferior cars they offered in the 1970s to the automobiles known for quality and affordability that they sell now. It is the study of how your company will succeed against local and global competition. It is also the foundation that will enable you to be more successful in your work activities, which is key to building a successful and satisfying career.

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