how to install magento step by step tutorial for beginners

Magento eCommerce community edition step by step installation tutorial for beginners , know how to install and configure magento on cpanel and in godaddy It is one of the best e commerce software used for creating online shopping website . it gives lot of features than other eCommerce software available in the market now a day. This magento tutorial will explain step by step procedure of magento installation in a very easy & simple way via video tutorial . magento script consist of two parts one is called magento engine & another is called magento sample data . magento engine is the main script while the sample data script is a kind of pre configured shopping cart with products and their images . the above video will guide you perfectly in a magento website development .

Step 1 — Visit the official website of magento for downloading error free script . go for community edition at this address – . Download the full release zip version & and magento sample data zip version .

Step 2 – There are two way to install magento on your hosting account . first and the easiest way is — one click installation of magento via hosting control panel . while another is by uploading the sample data and magento engine to the hosting account via filezilla . I will explain the both way but first I will explain the installation via one click hosting procedure .

Step 3 — Check out your hosting cpanel that wether it has an option for one click installation in there cpanel or not , if you are using a godaddy hosting probably it has not as of now , I will show you via cpanel hosting . just login to your hosting account , Make sure that you should have atleast 200 mb free space on your hosting account . it usually requires a dedicated server for perfect working . but 200 mb space is ok for test . now go to software services thene in ecommerce category you will find magento . just go and magento install , yu will be asked t enter yur email , country , currency , time zone etc and once you fill up all those details just click install button . if you find successful installation .

Step 4 — now go to front end of magento by visiting your site url . you will find that magento is installed but no product is there no cart is there , so you need to install now the magento sample data .

Step 5 — To install sample data you need to go to cpannel then go to mysql databases , now click on php my admin . you find magento database there , select all database tables by checking all and select drop , delete all the tables , it may not be done in one time try multiple times . once you delete those tables . now its time to upload your downloaded sample data.

Step 6 — undip the sample data file , you will get two files one is your mysql database file and another is media files . now you go to import option in your php my admin and brows and import the sql database file and click go . once done visit the frontend you will surprise that your magento website is created successfully .

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