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This video is a Facebook marketing tutorial with tips, ideas and strategies for how to maximize results from your social media marketing with Facebook. I give an overview of the common strategies for marketing on Facebook such as posting to your friends, or making a fan or a business page.

I also explain the strategy of accumulating Facebook likes, how that gives you credibility, but how that also doesn’t quite give you the exposure that is hoped for.

Additionally, I discuss the Facebook marketing phenomenon that Facebook doesn’t actually show your updates to all the people who you are friends with or who liked your business page. Facebook only shows that update to a certain percentage of people and expands that as there is engagement with the post.

Some of the strategy and tips are, in my opinion, not to over-invest in Facebook as a marketing channel. Instead, take a look at my other marketing strategy videos for tips on much better platforms which can drive you far more traffic.

Lastly, I discuss user targeting in Facebook marketing. If you use paid Facebook marketing, then you can target people pretty well. Facebook allows you to target by interests, country, age, sex, etc. But you have to pay. If you are looking for free marketing, you cannot target your demographics on Facebook very well.

Additionally, when you think about your Facebook marketing strategy, think about how many people you will be able to reach, knowing that Facebook prevents you from reaching all the people who liked your page. Facebook limits the number of people you can reach for free so that you would pay. So when you think about your Facebook marketing strategy, either find a way to reach your audience, or maybe come up with some unique Facebook marketing ideas. But the straight forward approach to Facebook marketing hardly works. You need a savvy Facebook marketing strategy. Or your Facebook marketing strategy may be to pay. If you pay Facebook, they give you many tools to reach your audience. They might even give you a $50 ad coupon to try out some marketing. They don’t always give out the $50 coupon, but they may give it to you if you email them and ask for it.

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