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Online logins are difficult to keep track of. Just think for a moment of what they consist of. Your login includes the website url, username, password, security questions, security answers and don’t forget the security image with a caption. That’s a lot of pieces of the technology puzzle to need for just ONE online account let alone five or 50 or 150. How do you keep them straight?

In working with my clients I’ve seen all sorts of systems (or lack of systems) for password storage. They range from little bits of paper stowed around the office to Excel spreadsheets, converted old-school telephone number address books to resetting their password each time they want to log in. Some of these ideas for password keepers are passable, but many of them come with security dangers and a lot of frustration.

Several years ago I asked my computer guru if there was a secure electronic way to store my passwords. He shared with me the application I’m about to share with you. This is the best password manager on the market {per my computer guru} and I have been using it for years. You’re going to love it!

The best password manager to ensure password safe storage on all of your devices. {click to tweet}

Click on today’s video to learn the best password manager for protecting your passwords. I even share with you three bonus features it has and give you a video tour of my personal application.

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