Mathematics E-Learning Resources for Grade 7 – 12

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More than 80% of the secondary schools in Singapore are accessing our comprehensive online-learning and classroom teaching resources and are benefitting from it. Our customised learning and content management system (LMS) with user-friendly features is very useful for E-Learning and Home Based Learning (HBL).

Exploratory Activities
This powerful 3-step programme, designed to facilitate Self-Directed Learning, is an interactive and fun way for both learners and educators to explore, understand and apply various concepts.
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Progressive Mastery Programme
An engaging programme capable of generating an unlimited number of random, open-ended questions, marking students’ answers and providing instant feedback as students progressively tackle and master each topic.
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Interactive Tools
A set of tools for visualising concepts involving graphical and spatial reasoning.
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Math Exam Revision Kit
Revision notes and sample questions with thinking processes and solutions for Grade 7 – 12 Mathematics examinations.
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Mobile Apps
Access the Math Exam Revision Kit and Math Mastery (lessons and practice drills) via iOS (iPhones and iPad) and Android devices. Students can peruse our revision notes, video lessons and practice drills on the go!
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E-Learning in School
If you are interested in enrolling your students in our program, we can work out a more affordable package for your school. We can also arrange a Skype session with the Mathematics teachers in your school to demonstrate our Learning Management System and various types of interactive resources. This will help them to understand how our system can help them in the classroom, the students when they do e-learning at home and what makes our system more unique than others.
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