TUTORIAL: Getting Started with Forest Pack, Part 1 (beginner)

Forest Pack is incredibly easy to use, this series of tutorials is designed to get you up and running quickly and give you the skills you need to create fantastic scenes with Forest Pack Pro.
Part 1. Trees and Bushes: Introduction to key Forest Pack features and using splines to control the placement of objects.

Read a written version of this tutorial and download scene files from the iToo Software website: http://bit.ly/2SwwcPR

Free lite versions of our plugins are available that never expire, can be used commercially and include nearly all of the powerful features found in the Pro version! Find out more by following the links below

Forest Pack: http://bit.ly/2UZF11m
RailClone: http://bit.ly/2S43Wij #forestpack #3dsmax #itoosoft

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