COMPLETE SEO TUTORIAL from Novice to Professional part 1

SEO Tutorial for blogs, word press, joomla, and more. Complete tutorial from novice to intermediate to advanced! Please tell me your opinion, comment, I love to hear from you.

This document aims to provide guidance on Search engine Optimization. When we open search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and type search query, for example, “watch” we see 6,370,000,000 results. However only Some pages appear on first pages, some on second and so on. This is a result of search engine optimization. The sites are optimized for a search query “watch”. Search engine look for 2 main things:
1. Content on the pages of the site
2. Popularity of the site for that keyword

Content side is called on-page optimization and popularity part is refereed as off-page optimization. If you notice several distinct categories of results are displayed when we search for “watch” this is because search engine want to display distinct results for all its distinct users.
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