Quoridor: Complete Tutorial

Complete tutorial on how to play Gigamic’s Quoridor (and some tips and strategies too).

Intro and About (0:00)
Object of the Game (0:30)
Gameplay (0:37)
Example Game One (1:26)*
– Bum Rush (1:55)
– Stats About the Board and Walls (2:03)
– If Two Pawns Encounter Each Other (2:31)
– First Game Deciding Point (4:04)
– One Wall Strategy (4:42)
– End of Game One (5:23)
Example Game Two (5:41)*
– First Wall Placed(5:58)
– Building Houses (6:35)
– Who Tends to Win? (7:31)
– Second Game Deciding Point (7:42)
– Make Sure Your New Walls Are Behind You (8:21)
Closing Thoughts (8:31)
Credits and BLOOPERS! (9:07)

Not mentioned in the video:
Official rules states that you should start in the middle. I forget that we play a variant where we basically let anyone choose where they are for starting position (even with multi-player, it works fine so long as pawns don’t start right next to each other).
PRO-TIP!: Try to make your opponent use walls sooner so that you can adapt to something that is closer to the final “maze” structure and waste as few moves as possible.
PRO-TIP!: Play your walls as late as possible so that your opponent had to waste moves re-adapting.

“Merci” to Gigamic Games for releasing Quoridor!

(sorry for the drastic change in video editing software- trying out a new trial)

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