Drupal 7 Path Breadcrumbs Module – Daily Dose of Drupal Episode 36

If you have used Drupal for awhile, you will undoubtably have run into a fair share of breadcrumb management headaches. I know I sure have. The Drupal 7 Path Breadcrumb module aims to solve that… and it seems to do a great job.

In this episode you will learn:

– How the Drupal 7 Path Breadcrumbs module helps make managing Breadcrumbs on a Drupal website simple
– How to create different breadcrumbs to display on different types of node pages using the flexible UI of the Path Breadcrumbs module
– How to use the configuration options of the Path Breadcrumbs module to change the breadcrumb delimiter and enable RDFa or Microdata support


Post Author: hatefull