Jewelry Design Tutorial: Creating a model for 3D printer with Blender and netfabb

Tutorial is partially outdated. A lot of new tools came out since this tutorial was recorded. Here is outdated parts:
– Scale “undercut” object. → Now there is offset tool (Shrink/Fatten with Even Thickness option enabled).
– Creating additional “measurement” objects to check thickness or length. → Now there is Ruler/Protractor tool.
– Using netfabb for model checks. → Now Blender has 3D Print Toolbox add-on and Mesh Analysis tools.
– For boolean operations it is better to use Booltron add-on: Instead of Sculpt Tools UI add-on.

Download blend file:

Why NURBS circle is not perfect:

In this tutorial we will build jewelry ring ready for 3D printing from scratch, using non destructive modeling workflow which allow us to change product and quick easy.

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