How to Play Walking Bass Lines – Bass Tutorial

Metalworks Institute:

Bass Guitar Lesson: Curtis Freeman, professional bassist and instructor at Metalworks Institute, teaches you how to play walking bass lines in this bass guitar tutorial.

In this lesson, Curtis covers breaking down a chord chart for a song into the basic chords, and explains how to play the 4 basic notes for each chord in a basic walking bass line, for any level of player. Beginners, intermediate and advanced players, try this:
Note 1 – Root note
Note 2 – Chord Tone in key of chord
Note 3 – 5th note in key of chord
Note 4 – Leading note (either a semitone above of below the root note of the next chord)

By following these basic steps and you will be able to play a walking bass line for any jazz song, or ANY song for that matter!

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