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Are you looking for a reliable platform to sell your online courses or quizzes? You’ve come to the right place to learn about it. ProProfs allows you to sell online courses and quizzes easily. This is in addition to the Training Maker and Quiz Maker it offers to customers to help create online courses and quizzes.
With ProProfs, the way you create and sell online courses or quizzes will never be the same again. Instructors and teachers can make money in a risk-free way by selling online courses and quizzes at ProProfs Store. All you’ve got to do is to simply set a price and you are done. As soon as you make a sale, you’re instantly notified.
00:06 – ProProfs helps you earn money on your online training courses and quizzes by enabling you to sell them online hassle-free.

00:13 – With ProProfs, you can say goodbye to merchant accounts, payment gateways, setup or listing fees, hosting costs, and e-commerce coding and development. Simply set a price for your courses and quizzes and get paid for them.

00:26 – To get started, go to My Quizzes, for instance, find your quiz, and set a price. Once you do that, ProProfs takes over the responsibility of delivering your quizzes to potential buyers and handling the payment process. It also provides any support that buyers may need.

00:42 – After you set the price for your course or quiz, you can share the link so that your learners can purchase it. You can even embed the course or quiz on your website to sell them.

00:52 – The moment buyers click on the ‘Buy’ button, they will check out using the checkout page, which is branded with your logo.

1:01 – ProProfs supports all major credit cards. Not only this, it has also optimized the backend to decrease the chances of credit card decline, and ensure that you get paid without fail.

1:11 – ProProfs also handles cryptic payment gateway messages and error codes to ensure that the process is smooth for both you and your buyers.

1:19 – As soon as you make a sale, you not only get notified, you can also watch it displayed on the sales dashboard.

1:25 – You can also see other information such as date of purchase, names of items sold, buyers’ names and other personal details, and your total earnings.

1:37 – You can download buyer information for SMS or email marketing purpose to grow your customer base.

1:44 – ProProfs consolidates all your payments and pay you on time.

1:50 – By using ProProfs, you are leveraging marketing advantage as it optimizes your web pages for better ranking in search engines. It also promotes you to the community of learners on ProProfs. That community already enjoys millions of visitors each month.

2:07 – You can also promote your hosted links on social media and embed items on your own website for sale.

2:15 – As your business grows, ProProfs also provides flexible features such as the option to build your own billing system and use ProProfs software to sell online courses and quizzes on your website under your brand name.

2:32 – Create a course or quiz easily with ProProfs. It’s easy, simple, and risk-free.
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