How to Make Best LMS Reports EVERY eLearning Professional Needs To Check

ProProfs Training Maker:

With the emerging popularity of online training courses day-by-day, training makers require to incorporate some innovative training software to facilitate their training modules. In addition to designing beautiful and engaging training courses, many institutes are in the quest of evaluating learner’s knowledge through reporting and tracking all their activities. For this reason, ProProfs Training Maker software has become their ideal choice.

LMS reporting:

How ProProfs Reporting and training tracking software help?
This software helps instructors in several ways. After completing the designing part of the course, instructors can assign their courses to learners and can collect all the detailed report and statistics including:
Course reports
User reports
Group reports
Advanced reports ( includes average score, time reports, question difficulty report, time spent per question report, complete grade book report and more!)

Not only instructors can have a look at these reports but, all the reports above can be easily downloaded, shared, and in fact, can be easily exported to an Excel sheet.

How one can view course reports?
To check the reports, a user needs to go to ‘My Courses’ and click on ‘Reports.’ Here, he/she will receive the complete information on the learner’s activity including the date they started with the courses, their names and email addresses, course completion percentage and more.

Additionally, a report on total marks obtained by the learner for every quiz and course can be received as well. There is an option to check total marks obtained on a particular do so, click on marks obtained in that quiz. Choose whose report you want to check. There you can get marks certificate, marks summary, detailed reports for each answer provided.

This is a brilliant way to evaluate a learner’s knowledge and identifying their pain points.

Individual User/Group Report
For a particular user, go to My ‘Classroom’ and then click on ‘Users.’ Once done, you can select the user whose report you want to check.
After selecting a user, click on ‘Courses taken’ to check all the learner’s activity.
To check the status of pending assigned courses, click on ‘Courses Pending.’
Next, by clicking ‘Remind,’ you can choose to send a reminder to the learners to complete their course.
Likewise, for group reports (maybe a class or a group of different employees), you can find reports by clicking on ‘Group.’
Lastly, you can have all the detailed reports with the ProProfs Network reports and summary.
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