Joomla Tutorial – iNOW Image Slider Module – Adding An Image

How to add a picture to Joomla 2.5 iNOW slider module. (Using admin template Missioncontrol from Rockettheme.)

1. Add your predefined image already sized to your slider’s dimensions and optimized for the web. (dimensions and file size)

2. Upload the image using your Joomla Media Manager to a location of your choice on your website.

3. Once the image is uploaded, in the Media Manager, click on the image so that it pops up. Right click with the mouse pointer over the image. Choose “copy image location”

4. Open your iNow slider module in the Joomla modules area. Scroll down to the image path area. Paste into the image path box the location of your image on your website server.

5. Delete the base url from the file path. (eg. if the path is then delete “” so that all that is left is “images/photos/test.jpg” —without quotes of course 🙂 )

6. Hit save. Navigate to the frontend of the site and refresh the page where the iNow slider module is located. You should see the new image 🙂

Post Author: hatefull