Photography Tips – Backlighting – an Introduction

What’s meant by Backlighting? Backlighting simply means having the light coming towards the camera from behind whatever it is you’re photographing. It’s also called shooting against the light. Yes I know we were all told to put the light behind us but doing the opposite can yield some super cool photos.

So why is this? Some images like portraits work best in shade and when you shoot into the light the side facing you will be in shade and there’ll be a lovely rim light around them. Translucent things like wine bottles and ice always look their best when the light is coming through them from behind.

When you backlight a photo bear in mind that your camera can become confused because sometimes the background will be much brighter than the foreground. Left to it’s own devices it’ll make the picture darker than you want it because a camera things the world is mid grey (check out our exposure films) and your portrait might become a silhouette. So you might need to overexpose the shot to compensate.

Check out the video and I’ll show you how to expose when backlighting. Or come see us at for many more free photography tutorials, courses, DVDs and workshops.

Post Author: hatefull