Build automation w/ Apache ANT (tutorial 01)

02:00 How to download and setup ANT on a windows machine?
03:15 How to start from a clean environment variables setup on a windows machine?
03:50 How to run ANT after setting the PATH on the command prompt?
04:40 How to write hello world ant build file?
05:00 How to define a project in ant?
05:20 What is an ant target?
06:15 What performs functionality in an ANT build file?
07:10 What is the default name of an ant build file?
08:00 How to run an ant build from the command prompt?
09:10 How to run an ant script with a name other than build.xml?
10:10 How to run a target other than the default target in an ant script?
11:50 How to run an ant script from a batch file?
13:30 How to set the environment variables required to run ant on a windows machine?

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