Illustrator Pen Tool Tutorial – Part 1

Part 1 of 2

Learn to use the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial starts right at the beginning. Each step is explained clearly to help you understand and master this most powerful of drawing tools. ( See PART 2 here: )

In this video the following topics are covered:

– creating straight lines
– open and closed paths
– anchor points
– combining the pen tool and direct selection tool
– using the Shift modifier key
– modifying your path
– creating curved lines
– how bezier curve handles work
– corner points, curve points, mixed curve-corner points, and reflex-curve points

The pen tool is great for creating illustrations and logos. It is the tool of choice when you need a complex shape, and it’s fantastic for converting your typographic lettering sketches into vectors.

Remember to check out part 2 where we will learn how to put all these techniques together to trace a letter.

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