Printing tutorial: Defining gamut and color space |

This inkjet printing tutorial explains gamut (the range of colors a camera or printer can produce) and color space (a standard that defines a specific set of colors). Watch more at

This tutorial is a single movie from the fifth chapter of the Inkjet Printing for Photographers course by author Ben Long. The complete course is XX hours long and explores the art and the craft of creating beautiful, archival-quality inkjet prints. The course looks at the creative decisions that affect image size, paper, and quality and the Photoshop workflow that can help you go from good prints to great ones

Inkjet Printing for Photographers
1. Understanding and Choosing a Printer
2. Image Adjustment for Printing
3. Resizing and Choosing Paper
4. Sharpening, Noise, and the Print Dialog
5. Making a Color Print
6. Color Management
7. Choosing a Paper
8. Printing from Start-to-Finish

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