Drupal Tutorial: Creating a Flexible Photo Gallery

As is true for almost anything you’d want to do in the system, there are a variety of approaches you can take to creating a photo gallery in Drupal 7. Most of the modern ones rely on the concept of creating a custom content type to store single images and using Views to generate a page on which they are all displayed and all linked to their individual pages (showing more information about the respective image).

While that setup will be more than adequate in cases where all images are part of one gallery and we don’t want user’s to be able to galleries, it rather leaves us out in the cold if the oppose of either of those things is the case. In this video therefore, I take the challenge on from an altogether more flexible mindset where each image is a standalone piece of content – as is each gallery – whereby they can have unique data assigned to them. Helping us to achieve our goal is the References module, Node Reference URL module as well as the faithful Views module. Tune in to see how it’s done….

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