LastPass Tutorial – LastPass password manager review

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Today we’re continuing our “Entrepreneur Tools” series where I highlight the tools, programs, and apps that I use to run my business. My last post with over 5,000 views and 20 comments was 3 Ways I Run My Business Using Evernote – Entrepreneur Tools.
My Entrepreneur Tool this week is LastPass (, the best way I know of to remember all your passwords and keep them secure.

Partial Transcript

Hi I’m Evan Carmichael – Welcome to another edition of Entrepreneur tools where I highlight some of the favorite tools that I use to run my business. Today I want to talk about one of my new favorite tools called LastPass and what this does is help you remember your passwords across all your different accounts. It also helps you create secure new passwords that it remembers on its own automatically.

The Problem

The more services that I signed up for online, I found that I was either using the same password over and over and over again, which wasn’t really a secure way to do things, or I would try to create unique passwords but then I wouldn’t always remember what they were and I had a notepad file that I’d have to open and search through. What LastPass does is automatically remember the passwords for you and will also help you generate new passwords that are more secure when you sign up for new services.

Internet Browser Extension – Goes With You As You Browse

So, to give you a quick look of what it looks like, when you are signed into whatever browser you’re using you’ll see that there’s a little LastPass extension at the top. It’s called LastPass because you still have to actually remember what your LastPass password is. That one password will let you log in to LastPass to access all your other passwords.

Now that I’m logged in it recognizes me and every time I sign in into a website it will keep track of the password if I want it to. So why is that helpful? Let me load a new tab here and I’ll go to my dashboard. These are the tools that I use on a regular basis to run my business and I can log in to any of them without having to remember my password.

A Couple of Examples: Buffer and HootSuite

Let’s take a look at Buffer, for example. Buffer is a great way to schedule post to your social media accounts. I’m not logged in yet. What I’m going to do here is click use my Buffer account and it automatically logged me in. It remembers my email and my password and takes me to the next page instantly which also reduces clicks for me.
I’ll do another quick example for you guys, let me go to my HootSuite. HootSuite is another tool that I use to manage my social media accounts. I’ll click on yesterday’s tweets, and you’ll quickly see that it automatically pulled my email and password and it logged me in without me having to make another click. It took me right to my account and I’m logged in and I can do whatever I want to do. So, it’s a great easy way to automatically log in to all your different accounts.

Choose the Sites You Want it to Remember

Now, what’s going to happen is when you sign in to the account for the first time – a little pop-up will come up and say “Do you want LastPass to remember this password?” You have the option say Yes to enable it or No if you don’t want it to remember. If you have friends coming over and they’re using your computer and you don’t want to remember their passwords then you can turn it off.

Don’t Use the Same Password for Each Website

Sign In to Your Accounts from Remote Locations

Sign In from Multiple Computers or Mobile Devices

You can check out their website here: LastPass (

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