Kompozer Tutorial 3: Creating CSS Files and Linking them to HTML

In this tutorial I show you how to create an external CSS file and link it to an HTML file in Kompozer. First, we have to create the CSS file. Kompozer doesn’t have a way to create a CSS file from scratch; however, the Mac version can be used to create CSS files. Kompozer assumes a CSS file exists. To create a CSS file, simply open a simple text editor like Notepad. Then save the file as a CSS file by using the .css extension, for example, styles.css. Make sure you change the file type so it doesn’t save as a text file. Save the file to the directory where your other website files are located. To attach the CSS file, open an HTML file, click on the CSS button at the top of the program and click on the arrow next to the picture of the pallet. You will then click Choose File and browser to your CSS file. You will then click the create button. This will create a link tag in the HTML document. To create a style, click the CSS pallet again. Click on the external file that was just attached. Click the arrow next to the pallet and choose style rule. You can choose tag, class, and ID selectors from the menu. You can then use the Kompozer dialog boxes and tabs to change the CSS styles for the HTML page. You can also manually enter CSS rules.

Post Author: hatefull