Git tutorial: Reverting a commit |

This Git tutorial shows how undo changes made by a previous commit with the revert command. Watch more at

This tutorial is a single movie from the seventh chapter of the Git Essential Training course, presented by author Kevin Skoglund. The complete course is over 6 hours long shows how to use Git to edit files, rollback changes, and test new ideas without messing up your software project

Git Essential Training table of contents:
1. What is Git?
2. Installing Git
3. Getting Started
4. Git Concepts and Architecture
5. Making Changes to Files
6. Using Git with a Real Project
7. Undoing Changes
8. Ignoring Files
9. Navigating the Commit Tree
10. Branching
11. Merging Branches
12. Stashing Changes
13. Remotes
14. Tools and Next Steps

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