NLP Marin ~ FOUNDATIONS COURSE : Personal Growth, Professional Development.
NLP Marin classes are completely experiential.
Our class time is usually about 25% lecture and other highly interactive presentations, about 25% live demonstration of the material being covered, and at least 50% “live-in-person” practice with fellow students. 
We take NLP from the realm of information and ideas and incorporate it into a persons life, we practice as we learn and arrange study groups in between weekends, small groups to practice and integrate the information.
Most of all, what we do is have fun, we learn some brilliant and amazing ideas, we work with serious stuff; change work in peoples lives, but we are never heavy about it, it’s serious, but mostly it’s really, really fun.

Our training weekends are designed to transfer information and to allow that information to transform itself into elegant and powerful behavioral know-how.

To learn more about Marin NLP, you’re welcome to join us for a free introductory workshop, just click here:
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What you will get from our trainings:
You will learn simple-yet-elegant techniques to uncover what you really want…really! As you begin to use that knowledge almost immediately, you’ll be able to discover and shift all of the old patterns that have kept you stuck. Our courses are not about “getting charged up and glazed over.” They’re about going deep within yourself-quickly and easily-to uncover new resources and apply new skills and understandings to your own life.

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