Back Bends, Bridges and Kickovers Gymnastics Tutorial Backbends, bridges and kickover gymnastics tutorials to help you get your backbends and bridges for dance, gymnastics or just for fun. Hopefully you will get your backbend kickover with practice. Regular stretching can help you get more comfortable in a back bend. See our other videos with help for your handstand, cartwheel, splits or even yoga poses.
A backbend is used in dance, gymnastics, contortion, circus performances and other acrobatics where the back and spine are bent backwards and you catch yourself with your hands. Exercises that strengthen the legs, hands, wrists and abs as well as obliques are great to prepare for doing good back bends.

The back bend is an important skill in order to perfect a back handspring. Walking down the wall with your hands is a way to practice as suggested on Wikipedia.

Be sure to warm up muscles and stretch before attempting any gymnastics moves and be careful to avoid injury. Have fun with your back bends, bridges and kickovers!

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Be sure to do stretches and warm up your back before doing backbends. Here are some tips with Coach Don (gymanstics coach) for stretching the back:

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